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 Yoga Travel Tips

The practice of yoga, developed in India thousands of years ago, aims to educate the body, mind and spirit.
Today, this ancient system has become one of the most popular ways of getting fit and finding serenity in today's
hectic world.  Through breathing techniques and perfecting a series of poses - known as asanas - students of
yoga refresh both body and spirit. A yoga holiday provides the perfect environment to reconnect with yourself.
Travel like a local, experience the local customs and environment or enjoy the peace and quiet.

We provide the following helpful travel tips to guide you. 

  • Keep it simple. Pack light. Embrace the yogic concept of  'aparigraha', non attachment
  • Bring a water bottle and make sure that you have sufficient water to remain hydrated.
  • Find out well in advance about food and meal choices, especially if you have allergies or must eat certain food groups.
  • Take your own high energy snacks, power bars or treats.
  • Know well in advance of the weather and temperature changes in the area and take appropriate clothing.
  • Find out well in advance about your accommodations and what the room includes.
  • Avoid taking your phone and computer; instead take your yoga mat.
  • Don’t forget any prescription medication and take along bug repellent, after-bite and sunscreen if travelling to a tropical region and a small first aid kit.
  • Let the retreat leader or yoga teacher know of any previous or existing medical conditions or injuries.
  • Try not to go with any expectations, every retreat or yoga holiday is different, especially with new groups attending, dynamics and needs change. Usually you will be in for a great healing journey and a memorable experience.
  • Connect with other people and be open-hearted.  Try to enjoy the local culture.
  • Slow down. Embrace the freedom of a loose schedule.
  • Find your sense of adventure and make an intention to fulfil a dream that’s always seemed to be just out of reach.
  • Lastly, decide what type of yoga holiday you are looking for as there are two different sort of yoga break: a yoga holiday and a yoga retreat. And although the two are linked the difference can be quite distinct.
  • Yoga holidays usually take place in holiday settings and place an emphasis on both 'yoga' and 'holiday'. So as well as daily classes you might be surfing, diving, skiing, or just relaxing in the sun. The amount of yoga each day varies – from 90 minutes upwards. Mostly the yoga is asana (or physical practice) although you might also learn a bit of pranayama (breathing techniques) and/or meditation. Yoga holidays are generally run by individual teachers, studio owners, accommodation owners or speciality agencies.
  • A yoga retreat, on the other hand, places almost all the emphasis on yoga. As well as asana there might be philosophy lectures, a particular diet, chanting, as well as plenty of pranayama and meditation. Generally retreats are just that: a retreat from the outside world to concentrate purely on yoga. Retreats tend to be run by established organisations, teachers or specialist retreat venues.

Our  final suggestion is to make the most of every moment.