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If you cancel a service provider booking, such cancellation will be according to the cancellation policy of the service provider.   We recommend you read the cancellation policy of the service provider carefully. If you cancel or do not show up, the service provider may charge you a fee.

If you wish to amend a service provider booking, such amendment will be according to the cancellation and/or amendment policy of the service provider. We recommend you read the policy of the Service Provider carefully. If you amend, cancel or do not show up, the service provider may charge you a fee. 


Our Service

At, our aim is to provide you with information about and access to destinations available around the world, which specialise in offering yoga related holidays.


For all of these holidays and destinations, we do not endeavour to sell these direct to you, it is our belief that this is best done by the people who design and operate these holidays and destinations, as they are the experts and it is important for you to get direct service and response., so we refer you directly to them – this is our referral service.

Liabilities for referral service

Because of the service we provide in this instance and how we provide it, it is important for you to understand the limitations of our liability, so we have detailed these below and by reading these and using the site you are agreeing to these limitations in full.
Service providers can alter information about their accommodation, prices and availability at anytime.  We therefore cannot guarantee that all the information is accurate and faultless, nor can we be held responsible for errors or inaccuracies in the supplied information. does not accept liability for any indirect or consequential loss arising out of the use of or connected with the website or for any services provided by the website.

a) Your holiday

For holidays or destinations where we have simply acted as a referrer, we do not act as an agent for operators and accommodation owners in the sense that we do not take your money on their behalf or act as go between in any issues relating to your holiday. Your contract will be with them and them only and they are fully liable for every aspect of their holiday product that you buy, according to their own terms and conditions. So we urge you to check these in full before you book.

b) Your protection

 As regulations are different in each country we strongly encourage you to enquire about how your money is protected directly with the company you are booking with, or take out personal travel insurance that covers the failure of the holiday or destination provider.  does not accept any liability for, or warrant the quality and standard of any of the holidays or destinations  that you are sold by referral through . And specifically,  is not liable for any injury and/or damage to persons or property occurring during or as a result of any holiday or activity  taken as a result of enquiries made through this website.

c) Holiday provider responsible practices
These holidays and destinations are provided by many hundreds of operators and accommodation owners around the world, whose product we vet by their ability to fulfil a set of criteria.

Again we do our best to ensure that all the holidays abide by the policies that these operators and accommodation owners claim to follow, but we are not able to guarantee they do at all times. If we are alerted to bad practice by any of our holiday providers we will immediately investigate the matter and take appropriate action in advising them to correct these or removing them from the site.

d) Information on the site
We also rely on information about their product as supplied by them to use on the site. We're not able to assume responsibility for this information and we have to disclaim all liability in respect of such information, please check the information fully with the holiday or destination provider. And please note that prices quoted are for guidance only.  is not liable for any injury and/or damage to persons or property caused by any actual or alleged libellous statements, infringements of intellectual property or privacy rights, or product liability, whether resulting from negligence or otherwise, including without limitation, from any use or operation of any ideas, instructions, procedures, products or methods contained in the material published on the site.

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Contributions to the web site
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Health Advice
 ALWAYS seek the advice of your doctor for any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or requirements before considering a holiday or before travelling.

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