La Escuela del Sol - Costa Rica

Spanish, Surf & Yoga in Paradise

Property Description

La Escuela Del Sol is an adventure for adults who want to learn Spanish
, practice yoga, surfing, obtain scuba certification or learn fire dancing in a tropical paradise.  At our school, in Montezuma, Costa Rica, you can take a combination of almost any of our courses from 1 to 4 weeks.   We even offer College Credit for our Spanish curriculum! 
Being in one of the adventure capitals of Costa Rica, you'll be able to explore and enjoy the surrounding areas with exhilarating local excursions.  If you take a three or four week program, we encourage you to take your third Friday off for extended travel.  Check out our excursions such as about zip-lining, ATV tours and horseback riding to private waterfalls among other adventures.  All tour operators recommended by us meet a high standard of professionalism, safety and all out fun.   

As for our location …we’re right across the street from the ocean and just seconds walk from a breathtakingly beautiful beach.  The front of our hotel graces Montezuma's central park and a 5 minute walk will reach the Montezuma river, which leads to three separate waterfalls.  Being so close to nature and park land, you’ll  often walk out of your room to see monkeys swinging from the trees so close you can almost touch them. 

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Accommodations are included in the listed price.  You can take a private room, share accommodations with a friend or loved one or request to be set up with a roommate.  

All rooms include A/C and hot water and most rooms include a safe.  There is a lounge/yoga studio on the top floor with hammocks, couches, tables and chairs and a large wooden deck.  For those who bring a laptop there is free wi-fi access throughout the hotel.

If you come alone and choose a shared room, you will normally be set up with 1 roommate or if circumstances require, a maximum of 2 roommates.  If for some reason we do not have a roommate available for you, you may be upgraded to a private rooms with a private bath across the hall. 

If you come as a couple or with friends, we will place you in your own room with private bath and as many beds as you require.  In this case, be sure to choose a shared room on your application and let us know your situation in the additional comments section.

Couples, friends who come together and those who request private rooms may also upgrade to one of several superior rooms that we offer.  All superior rooms are on the upper floors of our hotel, are noticeably more spacious (although tough to tell in the pictures below), have wooden floors and include refrigerators. 

  • Superior #9: one queen & 1 twin bed (facing road) - add'l $10/night for room
  • Superior #10: two queen beds, balcony & hammock (facing park) - add'l $30/night for room
  • Superior #11: one queen & one twin bed (facing park) - add'l $20/night for room


We have a full kitchen available to you including everything necessary to prepare your own meals.  The kitchen is open for all but 2 hours between 8am-10pm.  Because of its proximity to our yoga studio, the kitchen is kept closed for 2 hours during the day, M-F, during class.

Because of the high quality and the low cost of the food nearby, you may prefer to eat your meals in local restaurants.  This gives you the opportunity to experience the incredible ambiance Montezuma has to offer as well as the chance to practice your Spanish.  There are about 20 restaurants within a 2 minute walk to suit all tastes and budgets.

Please note, if you think that our accommodations do not suit your needs, you may email us for further hotel options and recommendations. 


Originally founded as a small fishing village, Montezuma has grown in popularity over the last few decades to become a beautiful, tranquil and adventure loving town.  Today, it is home to a very international community.  The make-up of residents is somewhere around 60% Tico to 40% emmigrant, giving Montezuma the unique ability to offer many of the comforts of home, with a stunning variety of restaurants and shops, with the ability (and sometimes necessity) to practice your Spanish during simple transactions or casual conversation.
The streets of the main drag are lined with artisans, trying to earn a living by means of jewlery, home-made cosmetics, hand-crafted journals and much more.  They crowd the streets with their dread locks and hemp necklaces, holding impromptu jam sessions with bongos, flutes and guitars.  Many times you’ll see them passing the time away, juggling with fire or other equally entertaining toys.
And that’s just the center of town.  The beauty of Montezuma really begins to take shape as you move to the outskirts of town.  There are wildlife refuges both to the immediate north and south.  Walk north through the Nicolás Wessberg Absolute Natural Reserve to find hordes of monkeys, red and black mo-hawked squirrels, toucans and more.  A two hour hike will bring you past seven unique beaches, the highlights of which include Piedra Colorada, where a river makes a natural pool before it meets the ocean, rocks and tree trunks are balanced high atop one another and waterfalls beckon within view.  The jewel of the last beach, Playa Cocalito, is the El Chorro Waterfall which plummets directly into the sea.
Making your way to the Cabo Blanco National Park, to the south of Montezuma, you will find many rivers, secluded natural pools and spectacular waterfalls within a short hike.  Take the long hike through the park to witness abundant wildlife and a spectacular, secluded beach overlooking a picturesque island.
One of the best things to do in this area is to go waterfall hunting.  Hike up almost any river and you’re bound to find one.  The most famous is the set of 3 Montezuma Waterfalls where visitors swim, cliff dive and clown around on the rope swing.  Those who are adventurous enough (and most aren't), may even happen upon the mythical white waterfalls where every rock and cliff is white and water cascades from every angle for a stretch of several hundred meters, ending with a natural waterslide into a swimming pool.
And all this fails to mention golf, hiking, kayaking, scuba, snorkeling, horseback riding, surfing, yoga, bonfires, beach parties, night clubs, bars, uninhabited white sand beaches and a whole lot more.



Yoga, surf and poi sessions begin every Sunday.
Spanish and Scuba begin only every other Sunday (highlighted in blue on calendar).
Scuba certification is a two week program. Feel free to add other courses before or after your Scuba program for a longer stay.

Should you take three courses at the same time?
We won't stop you, although it will be time consuming and may be tiring for some.  You won't have too much time to yourself or to enjoy what this incredible town of Montezuma has to offer.   What we recommend instead is to create a custom program in which you take say, Spanish and surfing for two weeks and Spanish and yoga for two more weeks.  

How come Spanish programs begin every two weeks when all other programs begin weekly?

The reason for this is that there is always a day of adjustment when new Spanish students arrive.  The longest that most students will study with us is 4 weeks, so that means that they should only have to go through the process of integration (other than their initial arrival, of course) once.  This provides the best balance between giving a great educational experience and accommodating as many people as we comfortably can.  Please contact us if you have any questions about  this policy.

And what about Scuba Certification?
In order to keep Scuba compatible with our other courses, it takes 2 weeks to complete a certification.  Logistically, it's best for everyone to begin together every 2 weeks. 

Payment and Cancellation Policy

A non-refundable deposit of $200 is due in order to complete a reservation.  Submitted applications that are not accompanied by a deposit will not be taken seriously and will not hold precedence over applications which may be received thereafter. If a reservation is canceled before the Thursday prior to the start date, the $200 non-refundable deposit may be used for any future program (special workshops excluded) by the applicant or by any person the applicant chooses to transfer the deposit to (excluding those already enrolled in our program at time of cancellation).  We will reschedule up to 3 times for you if necessary.  After 4 cancellations, the deposit will be forfeited.  If a program is canceled after classes have begun or if there is a failure to arrive without notification, the $200 deposit will also be forfeited.

Payment is due in full upon arrival at La Escuela Del Sol.  Classes will only be permitted for those who have completed their payment in full.  Students who fail to pay by the first Tuesday night of their program session, will be asked to leave the school.  Once programs have begun, refunds will not be given except for extreme circumstances deemed necessary by the discretion of La Escuela Del Sol. 

Students may make changes to the length of their reservation under the following conditions.  Reservations may be lengthened (i.e. 3 weeks to 4 weeks) at any point in time, subject to availability as well as to our discretion.  Reservations may be shortened with more than 30 days notice at no extra charge.  Within 30 days of the program start date, shortened reservations will be subject to an additional $100 fee (i.e. a 3 week program shortened to a 2 week program within 30 days of arrival will henceforth carry the 2 week program fee plus $100).  Once classes have begun, shortened programs will not receive a refund except for extreme circumstances deemed worthy of a partial refund by the discretion of La Escuela Del Sol. 

If La Escuela Del Sol must cancel a program in its entirety, all payments for such programs will be returned in full.  La Escuela Del Sol is not responsible for expenses related to the preparation for any canceled trips including airline tickets. 

Any costs incurred due to travel delays, flight cancellations, illness, injury or for other unforeseen reasons will be the responsibility of the participant to whom such incidents occur, and will not be subject to refund or discounted program fees from La Escuela Del Sol.

La Escuela Del Sol recommends participants purchase travel insurance to cover financial loss in the event of unforeseen circumstances.  Still, students with special circumstances are advised to email the reasons of their early departure to for consideration.  



  • La Escuola
  • La Escuela 7
  • La Escuela 7
  • La Escuela 6
  • La Escuela 5
  • La Escuela 4
  • La Escuela 3
  • La Escuela 2

How to get there

Getting There 

There are two international airports in Costa Rica from which you can reach us.  Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO), is near the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose.  2 people per year confuse San Jose, Costa Rica with San Jose, California and wind up having a much less fun vacation...try not to be that guy.  The other airport is the Daniel Odubur International Airport in Liberia, Costa Rica (LIR).  Reaching us from either takes close to the same amount of time.

Considering the lack of road signs and the vast array of options from these airports, getting to Montezuma can be a bit complicated.  Our recommendation is to allow us to help you arrange your incoming trip.  Approximate cost will be $15-$230 depending on your time of arrival and the amount of people traveling with you.  Please keep in mind that this cost is not included in our program fee.

For booking your flights to Costa Rica, consider that our programs begin on Sundays with accommodations after 2 pm (check in) and end with check out on Saturday before noon.  Classes are held Monday through Friday.

Unless you're planning to take a commuter flight, we strongly encourage, and will be happy to help you to arrange, the "Easiest" option.






SHUTTLE without Accommodations from SAN JOSE:

  • Dec 16th-May 31st: 6:00 am and 2:00 pm from SJO Airport (5:30 am and 1:30 pm from San Jose; 5:45 am and 1:45 pm from Alajuela) - $45
  • June 1st-Dec 15th: 8:00 am from SJO Airport (7:30 am from SJ; 7:45 am from Alajuela) - $45
  • All year: Chartered afternoon shuttle from SJO Airport or San Jose - $230 ($190 if willing to change vans at ferry dock) for the first 4 people plus $10 extra per additional person. 

**Important Note**  Your flight must arrive 2 hours before any shuttle departure and any time before 4:00 pm if scheduling a chartered shuttle for the same day.

SHUTTLE without Accommodations from LIBERIA:

  • All year: Regular shuttle service leaves from LIR at 8:45am and costs $55 per person
  • All year: Private shuttles can be arranged at any time for $230 for 1-4 passengers +$15 per persons 5-11.


A good option for flights arriving on Saturday afternoon/evening.  


Includes shuttle from the international airport (SJO) to a hotel in Alajuela (where the international airport is located), lodging, breakfast and shuttle to La Escuela Del Sol the next morning:

  • One person - $80
  • Two people - $65 per person
  • Three people  - $60 per person

For the shuttle pack, you may arrive at any time in the evening and you will depart the following morning by van.  The hotel will pay your cab fare from the airport once you arrive.  


Includes Hotel in Liberia, breakfast and shuttle to LEDS the next morning.  This shuttle pack does not include transfer from airport to hotel which will cost an additional $30.

  • One person - $110
  • Two people - $80 per person
  • Three people  - $75 per person