Bali Floating Leaf Eco Retreat

An innovative sustainable retreat center for groups and individuals.

Property Description

Traditional Culture not Traffic and Tourists

Bali Floating Leaf is a peaceful retreat in a lush oasis in which to nourish, recharge and heal your mind, body and spirit, holistically. Combining ancient Balinese wisdom with modern convenience and luxury, our Bali retreat provides a safe place for relaxation, personal enrichment and wellness. Stay in our luxurious villas and take part in retreats such as yoga, wellness, Bali arts and culture, photography, surfing and many more. Enjoy our Balinese spa and open air yoga center with views of the Indian Ocean and Mount Agung Volcano. Guests can also look forward to an ultimate relaxation pool complete with waterfalls, hidden meditation areas and more. The grounds also feature an organic permaculture garden as well as a large and friendly kitchen where our private chef will prepare delectable healthy meals, juices and snacks with locally grown organic nutrient-rich food. And to top it off, world-class surf is steps away!

Floating Leaf Eco-Resort is rooted in a deep commitment to Bali's environment; its people, and sustainable tourism.

Health & Wellness

We take your health very seriously at Floating Leaf.

We offer yoga classes for all levels and interests with some of the worlds top instructors. Take part in our seminars, classes, and workshops to learn and understand the principles of a healthful and happy life. Ayurvedic consultations, spa treatments, traditional Balinese massage and more are all avalible to help you achieve the level of health you seek and deserve.

We have dedicated half of our property for our permaculture garden. We grow strictly organic food for our guests and do so in an environmentally sound manner. We reuse grey water, make use of solar power, recycling and more to ensure a low carbon footprint and high yields of nutritious foods. We offer permaculture gardening classes and you can even pick food for your meal.

Floating Leaf also subsidizes local farmers so they can retain traditional methods of agriculture and grow organic nutrient rich foods. Many farmers in Bali have gone bankrupt, had to sell their family farms and many of those that have survived have had to resort to chemical fertilizers, dangerous pesticides and crops of nutrient deficient fast growing foods to compete with their changing environment. We subsidize the farmers in our community so they can get back to the traditional ways their ancestors had used for generations to produce true, healthy food in a way that does not harm the environment.

Floating Leaf has a private chef that will prepare super healthy and delicious foods that you and your family will savor. Want something special? Just talk with the chef and he will source whatever you may need in order to prepare your meals. We cater to all dietary needs and also offer cooking classes so you can prepare these delicious and nutritious meals with your loved ones at home.





The Melati Spa


~ Spa Menu ~

Melati Spa at Floating Leaf Eco-Retreat

Our spas offer a wide array of services including deep wellness

massage, Balinese hair and scalp treatments, traditional mandi lalur,

manicures and pedicures, and much more.

For ages various healing, beautification, and relaxation techniques

have been practiced and refined, but perhaps nowhere else have they

been better perfected than in Bali. The spa’s owner Maryam Putu

Doliveck, is perfectly suited to benefit from Bali’s rich spa heritage.

She has owned and operated one of the most successful spas in

California’s central coast for almost a decade. A certified practitioner

of the State of California, she brings the standards and modern

technology of Western spa practices and skillfully combines them

with her traditional Balinese heritage to create a one of a kind


Putu is the sole recipient of generations of secret royal recipes that

previously were only offered to the kings and queens of Bali. The

Melati Spa offers spiritual traditional Balinese treatments and

organic, eco-friendly spa therapies designed to nurture health,

beauty and rejuvenation.

The handpicked therapists at our Bali retreat are trained to the

highest standards and use only the very best equipment and skin

care products. Melati Spa uses cherished formulas of organic oils,

herbs, and aromas, some hundreds of years old and some benefit

from modern preparations, to nurture harmony and bliss for our

guests. Relax and renew knowing you are in the best hands Bali has

to offer. For more on Putu and her Melati Spa please visit


Spa And Wellness Packages

One-day Wellness Spa Retreat (4 hours ~ Rp. 1.500.00)*

Package includes:

One hour yoga class (8:00 am)

Professional wellness consultation and treatments based upon

your condition and need (massage, body treatments, facial)

Healthy lunch including nourishing elixir

*Price per person, minimum two people.

Happiness Day Retreat (5 hours ~ Rp. 1.800.00)*

Package includes:

One and a half hour yoga class (8:00 am)

Professional wellness consultation and treatments based upon

your condition and need (massage, body treatments, facial)

Poolside healthy lunch including a bottle of wine

Enjoy the “Ultimate Relaxation Pool”

*Price per person, minimum two people.


Exotic Body Rituals

Bali Body Ritual (100 minutes ~ Rp. 650.000)

Includes massage, body scrub, body mask, and Bali spice bath.

From the heart of Indonesia comes an original concept in treatment that is

remarkably modern and up to date with the latest aromatherapy theories in

deep relaxation, but rooted in traditional Balinese healing. Because of the

plethora and abundance of types and varietals of spices grown in Bali, we are

able to deliver a deeply restorative experience in this unique two and a half hour


Goddess Matahari~ After Sun Soothing Ritual

(70 minutes ~ Rp. 550.000)

A special treatment for sunburned skin.

Bali is known for it’s tropical beaches and fantastic weather. With so much to

experience outside like visiting temples, surfing, cultural celebrations, etc., the

sun occasionally takes its toll. The Balinese, in their traditional wisdom, have the

perfect remedy (and it feels so good as well).

Zen Bliss for Body, Mind and Soul (100 minutes ~ Rp. 650.000)

Includes hot stone massage, body mask, and Bali green tea bath.

This transformational treatment will take your body and mind to a peaceful

oasis of Zen tranquility. This Bali green tea ritual is precisely formulated to

balance your energies, align your chakras and put your body, mind and soul in

harmony. You will feel like our namesake “Floating Leaf”.


Deep Blue Revitalizing Body Ritual (100 minutes ~ Rp. 650.000)

Includes massage, body scrub, and body mask.

A secret combination of sea salt, lavender, geranium, cypress and other essential

oils, passed down through generations, has an alchemistic power that is greater

than the sum of its parts. It will revitalize, awaken and renew your body and

mind after long days of travel and exploration, and get you ready for more so

you can make the most of your Bali holiday.

Jet Lag Remedy (90 minutes ~ Rp. 650.000)

Includes foot bath, Balinese traditional massage, and Bali flower bath.

This treatment is a lifesaver after a long flight. It welcomes you to beautiful Bali,

washes away your stress and sets the tone for the vacation of a lifetime. You

owe it to your body after cramming it into that plane seat for all those hours.

Surprisingly, this treatment has become quite popular with those about to leave

as well. We are told it makes the return flight much more bearable and relaxing.

Unfortunately we cannot make the flight any shorter, the seats and larger or the

food any better; but we can make it much more relaxing.

Traditional Balinese Hair Treatment (60 min~Rp. 300.000)

This proprietary aromatic hair treatment with pure essential oils and deep

natural conditioners has been perfected over generations. The special formula

provides rich beneficial supplements for your hair and scalp, while producing a

sweet aroma for calming the mind. We offer several essential oil combinations

so you can choose the one that resonates most perfectly. This traditional

Balinese treatment also includes a healthful scalp and neck massage.


Massage Selections

(60 minutes)

Our specially trained masseuses offer several healing, wellness and

restorative massage treatments including…

Signature Balinese Aromatherapy ~ Rp. 350.000

Hot Stone Massage ~ Rp. 450.000

Deep Tissue Massage ~ Rp. 500.000

Swedish Massage ~ Rp. 350.000

Face Treatments

Our face accurately reflects what is going on beneath our skin, the body’s largest

organ. A high quality facial by a trained professional helps boost the immune

system of the skin and improves circulation, which helps refine pores and reduce

wrinkles. It’s truly the ultimate anti-aging treatment.

Power Regeneration Facial (60 minutes~ Rp. 550.000)

Ideal for prematurely aging, dry, or sun-damaged skin. This healing treatment

provides nourishment and regeneration by combining vitamin & hydroxyl acid,

along with energizing massage techniques and a nurturing contour masque that

will leave your skin noticeably firmer, smoother, & revived.

Bali Mini Maintenance (40 minutes ~ Rp. 350.000)

Basic professional cleansing, exfoliation, and therapeutic mask with an added

Balinese touch.

Calming facial for Rosacea or sensitive skin

(60 minutes ~ Rp. 550.000)

Special for sensitive and/or inflamed skin. This facial helps balance, soothe, and

protect while helping to decrease skin sensitivity. Leaves your face cleansed and



Hand And Foot Treatments

Exultant Manicure (50 minutes ~ Rp. 200.000)

A wellness and maintenance treatment. Soak, trim, cut and file nails. Includes

exfoliating and deep hydrating treatment combined with the best hand massage

for maximum benefits. It insulates hands from premature aging and provides

nourishing moisture.

Exultant Pedicure (60 minutes ~ Rp. 350.000)

A wellness and maintenance treatment. Soak and trim cuticles. Smooth, cut,

buff, and file nails to perfection. Remove dead skin with foot file. Includes

exfoliating scrub, callus and dry skin removal, and relaxing Bali foot massage.

Bali Foot Spa Ritual (60 minutes~ Rp. 350.000)

Remind your feet how valuable they are by treating them to this fantasy Bali

foot spa ritual. Revive, relax and refresh your tired dogs from days of pounding

the pavement. Your newly perfumed and pampered feet will awaken a new

fetish that you can never walk away from. Includes foot massage or reflexology.

*All prices in Indonesian Rupiah and subject to 10% government tax

and 7% service charge


Terima Kasih~ Thank you

Thank you so very much for joining us at Floating Leaf

and if there is anything we can do to make your time

more enjoyable and rewarding, please don't hesitate to let

us know.

Kindly help us spread the word about the profound beauty

and culture of Bali, our ec0-initiatives, and community

outreach. We would be thrilled to see you tagging and

sharing Floating Leaf with your friends and social circles.

Here is where you can find us. Please like us, share us, tag

us, and we may just have a special surprise for you! Thank

you for your time and consideration.



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How to get there

Here is detailed information on our location in Sukawati...
Jl Pantai Purnama 42
Banjar Gelumpang
Sukawati, Bali, Indonesia 80582
Here are some maps
And be sure to click on  
"Click here for illustrated turn by turn directions”
Please note: We are on the inland side of the Bypass (Agung side), not the ocean side.
You cant miss the huge namesake Floating Leaf roof. Here is my phone number ~ 0811 389 1842