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Desa Seni A Village Resort

An eco village resort - open to everyone for a unique Bali Experience

Property Description

Gandhi’s famous saying: “Be the change you want to see in the world”. Our vision and mission towards the world today. At Desa Seni, we support and strive for an eco-green, sustainable community.
We have built the resort with recycled, repurposed, or sustainable products from local sources. We did not alter the natural land structure and local waterways, but rather respected and worked with the natural elements while protecting and preserving the environment around us. We have implemented measures to best minimize our carbon footprint. We have set aside 40% of our land to organic farming for our restaurant, enabling us to produce approximately 80% of the produce we serve.
We support the local community and economy and therefore only work with local farmers and businesses. Our garbage awareness has minimized the amount of garbage we produce, composting and recycling are big solutions. We use organic bamboo straws for drinks. Our sheet and towel re-use program cuts down on laundry. Organic and bio degradable cleaning and washing products are used and energy saving light bulbs.
We are committed to giving back to the local community and donate resources in order to provide the Pancamaya yoga in Bahasa Indonesian and Balineses Dance. “Making Dreams Come True” a fund raising program where we sponsor, support, and teach at local orphanages along with the work-study program where older orphanage children come to Desa Seni in order to learn and apprentice in different departments and experience a true and responsible working environment.


Desa Seni offers unique accommodations in original antique wood homes that have been imported from the many islands of Indonesia. Each house has its own individual history and has been completely restored and refurbished. At Desa Seni, you will live amidst original artifacts and antiques reflecting true Indonesian culture and heritage.


The Village Cabin is for a single person only (single bed), with a private bathroom/rain shower. There is a lovely front porch and a private garden closely located to the pool. This house has been named after one of the Hindu God's which make up the Hindu Trilogy - Brahma (creator), Wisnu (preserver) & Shiva (destroyer).


The Village Houses have 1 bedroom with a king  bed (only) and a private bathroom/rain shower.   Great old charm and comfort, furnished with antique objects of art. 
A beautiful front porch offers views of our organic farming and rice fields surrounded by beautiful gardens.


The Deluxe Village Houses have 1 bedroom, can be set up with a king bed and or twin beds. There is a spacious bathroom/rain shower. There is a sitting area for lounging with a desk for those who want to write postcards. Enjoy wonderful views from the large front porch of the rice fields, our organic vegetable gardens and tropical foliage.


The Suite Village Houses have very large open living areas including wonderful front porches looking over our tropical gardens. They may be set up for a maximum of four people with bed size options. They have large private bathrooms/rain shower, his and her sinks. They are furnished with original antiques from the archipelago and house part of the permanent art collection. Spacious living areas for relaxing and lounging.


The Village Homes have 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms/rain shower, living & dining area and a great garden terrace. They can accommodate up to four adults very comfortably and are ideal for families or a group of friends. These are our oldest homes, about 160 years old, true gems with original carvings and art from the permanent collection. One can just imagine the history behind the families that once lived here. Luscious tropical gardens with outdoor bales, these homes offer over 120 square meters in space - comfort at its best!



Daphna Dor 
Daphna has been teaching Kundalini Yoga both in her home city of New York and in Bali, 
since 1995. Not long after discovering her love for and commitment to the practice of Hatha 
Yoga while travelling in India in the early 1990‟s, she came across a studio in New York 
offering Kundalini yoga classes. She naturally transitioned over from her Hatha yoga 
practice and became a certified Kundalini teacher in 1994. Daphna has had the privilege of 
studying under teachers such as Ravi Singh (known as “the teachers‟ teacher”) and Yogi 
Bhajan, the late master of the yoga. While embarking on her path as a Kundalini practitioner 
and teacher Daphna was also drawn to the modality of yoga therapy and became a certified 
Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist. Through personalized sessions of yoga therapy she gently 
assists the exploration of one’s being, creating sacred space for the release of blockages in 
the body and mind by opening the mind and spirit through the release of physical holdings. 
Daphna brings to her Kundalini yoga sessions a deep respect for, and incorporation of, the 
body alignment of hatha yoga traditions while embracing with energy and joy the path of 
higher consciousness of Kundalini Yoga.
Manuela Herreros 
I tried yoga for the first time 17 years ago while at an alternative French school in Chile. I 
didn‟t understand the purpose, and found myself laughing when doing some of the postures, 
but nevertheless something really caught me. I started to practice regularly over the years. 
Yoga has helped me to open, release and heal all the emotions that were stuck, but most 
importantly, yoga provides me with a tool to peel the layers of my heart and enable me to go 
through life with an open heart. Desa Seni has embraced me with open arms, enabling me to 
teach and the opportunity to keep learning every day - thank you all! 
Octavio Salvado 
Octavio Salvado has been passionately and joyfully dedicated to the yogic path for the last 
12 years, studying and teaching in India and throughout Asia. Octavio works with the 
themes of dedication, insight and devotion. He aims to see and help unfold the innate 
goodness in all students and help them find greater freedom in their practices and lives. 
Recognizing the merit and beauty of an integrated approach to yoga, Octavio teaches from 
both a classical and tantric perspective. He believes that the path of discipline and liberation 
through joyful engagement is the key ingredients in moving beyond habitual patterns of 
ordinary consciousness and creating more meaning in our lives. Octavio has a dedicated daily 
practice and is completely committed to the evolutionary path of Yoga. He acknowledges 
with gratitude the grace of all his teachers who have shared their light and wisdom with him 
over the last decade. He teaches regular classes, leads devotional music circles and
facilitates workshops, retreats and co-teaches on several Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher 
Trainings in Thailand and Melbourne, Australia. It is his joy and honor to teach, study and 
share Yoga in the world.
Angela Perez 
She has been passionately and joyfully dedicated to the yogic path for the last 15 years. 
With a refined blend of Spanish born fire and deep love and gratitude for this life, it is 
equally her joy and honor to teach, study and share Yoga in the world and her deep calling to 
walk the Path of the Heart both on and off the mat. Angela‟s teaching style mirrors the way 
she practices – with complete joy and commitment to the path. She truly embodies the 
understanding that „practice is a gift‟ and holds firm to her intention to be a radiant example 
of the true joy, power and potential of Yoga. Angela is completely devoted to her daily 
practice. Her role as a teacher is a natural extension of the commitment she has for it. She 
lectures and teaches in many parts of the world on Yogic Philosophy, Tantra, Ayurveda and 
Kundalini and gratefully enjoys teaching Ashtanga, Hatha, Meditation and Pranayama 
Jess Kamell 
Growing up on an island on the west coast of Canada Jess was immersed in thick green 
forests, rugged coastlines and snow topped mountains. All these natural elements were her 
teachers to broaden her awareness to the pulsating wild beauty that life has to offer. The 
path of yoga opened her heart to the same rhythms undulating within herself and as a 
committed student she continually reaches deeper inwards to express outwards. Jess shares 
her teachings from a non-dualistic perspective and encourages students to embrace their 
uniqueness as a source for creative expression on and off the yoga mat. Jess weaves her 
trainings in Power Vinyasa and Anusara Yoga to offer a beautiful blend of precise 
instruction of physical and energetic alignment with light hearted, playful movements.


Desa Seni offers a range of accommodations all of which are individual antique houses with beautiful terraces, sitting areas and private modern bathrooms. The interior of each unique house has been re-furbished to provide all the luxury and comfort, while the exteriors have retained the integrity of rural village life.

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House Type 
Single Double
Single Double
• Village Cabin - Single only
US$ 125  
US$ 135  
• Village House (*)
US$ 165 US$ 200
US$ 175 US$ 210
• Deluxe Village House
US$ 235 US$ 260
US$ 245 US$ 280
Deluxe Video Tour
• Suite Village House (**)
  US$ 320
  US$ 335
Suite Video Tour
• Village Home - 2 bedrooms (**)
US$ 385
US$ 385
Home Video Tour

(*) Village house; King bed only ; (**) Suite Village House and Village Home, occupancy is for a maximum of 4 peoples ; Extra bed charge $35++

Room rates are subject to 21% government tax and service
Guest House Amenities: Gourmet breakfast, Air-conditioning, TV, Stereo & DVD player, Movie Library, Electronic personal safe, IDD telephones, Organic bathroom products, Unlimited drinking water, Room service, Daily offering plate, Daily yoga, Complimentary wireless internet.


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