Yoga on Magnetic Island

Posted on   July 10th, 2013 by  admin

Recently, I traveled to North Queensland, and spent some time on the beautiful Magnetic Island.

An idyllic spot where there are many contrasts.

From full moon beach parties frequented by travelers from all over the world to holiday houses, where time stands still laying in wait for life to engage once more.           Many large exotic houses overlook the cliff tops and majestic bays provide a perfect  haven for yacht owners looking for nightly anchorage.

The island is small but offers a lot and added to all of this, I found yoga!

Travelling to Magnetic Island took its toll on my back and shoulder.  Note to self..’I must try and travel lighter. Carrying ‘baggage’ is not good for the soul’.

So finding a yoga class was on top of my to do list and was so grateful when I did.   A lovely local class, very central and run by a  very experienced teacher ” Dani “of Magnetic Island yoga

Always remembering that every yoga class is different and mindful to be open to all new learning experiences, I joined the class with an open mind.   For me I try and enter a class as a beginner leaving ego at the door, ready to take in any new ideas and stretch my boundaries.  I wasn’t disappointed  and took away some very simple but very effective new stretches to benefit areas I needed to work on.

Always getting back to basics makes me realize how much I still have to learn after 25 years of practice.       Remembering to respect that my body is never the same from one day to the next….. We are human after all.

Yoga is available everywhere now, large cities, small towns, island getaways and when you are on a travel adventure make sure you put a local yoga class at the top of your  ’to do list’. It is a great way to take in a more personal experience of your destination.

Happy yoga holidays…

Charne Murphy




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