Yoga and the Chakras

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The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word yuj which means union.

Yoga has been practiced for some thousands of years in India. It is thought of as a science of the mind by Hindus. The purpose of yoga has been variously described as: the union of individual consciousness with divine consciousness, the union of the human with the divine, the realization of the true self, the discovery of the ultimate truth, and enlightenment.

There are 5 types of yoga, each representing a different path to the common goal of achieving enlightenment. These 5 types include: Raja Yoga – meditation, Jnana Yoga – true knowledge, Karma Yoga – selfless action, Bhakta Yoga – spiritual devotion, and Hatha Yoga – physical discipline.  Tantric yoga uses elements from these 5 systems. Kundalini Yoga focuses specifically on the chakras and activating the latent kundalini energy.

Awakening the Kundalini

Awakening the kundalini is considered the highest possible achievement in Hindu spiritual practice. Kundalini is a Sanskrit word meaning sleeping serpent. In the context of the chakras it means the awakening of primal cosmic energy contained within the chakras, spiraling up from the base chakra through to the crown chakra. This has traditionally been achieved through the use of specific postures, meditation the chanting of mantras, and visualization techniques. These activities are preceded by many years of discipline practicing yoga.

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