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Posted on   October 20th, 2014 by  admin

Slowing down for serenity this week at Nihiwatu Luxury Resort with a teaching focus on the lush elements of Restorative Yoga Practice.  Mother nature’s soundtrack vibrates around Sumba Island’s rugged shoreline, a melody to deeply connect, relax and restore your entire being.  Just as the waves continue to ebb and flow over the sand so does the pranic energy flow on your breath with the rise and fall of your beating heart, easing into release the worries of the city life you left behind.  Sinking down deeper through an instant loving bond with your comforting bolster, supported, sprawled…perfect! the healing your heart needed and body desired after the morning’s epic session in the surf.  

Restorative yoga engages our Parasympathetic Nervous System which takes the body into a “rest and digest” state of being.  Rest and Digest state is incredibly nourishing and rejuvenating for the soul. As truly deep relaxation occurs, restorative yoga can improve capacity for physical and emotional healing, detoxify immune systems and provide stress relief.  Consciously spending time to rest will promote balance between the Sympathetic Nervous System which governs our “flight or fight” response and Parasympathetic Nervous System enhancing overall general wellbeing. 

Opening pose for class is savasana drawing you in towards your centre, the following poses are variations of savasana with the assistance of blocks, straps and bolsters to lift you up and hold you down in all the right places. Ending, again with my favorite pose savasana, allowing you to transcend into a deeply restoring yogic sleep. Longer holds of each relaxing pose is inviting you to disconnect with the business of mind to let rising thoughts drift away.  Listen out to Nihiwatu’s jungle sounds and mother natures oceanic breath in the distance, each exhalation deepening space and connection to your universal magic within.

Chelsea Graham


Wellbeing Manager 

Nihiwatu Luxury Retreat





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