Reignite your digestive health

Posted on   June 29th, 2012 by  Travel Yoga

How is your Winter fire…Alight and sparking?   Reignite your digestive health with these practices.

Healthy abdominal facts:

It’s very important we have strong abdominals but not hard ones.(Like a six pack). As this prevents correct breathing.

The key to healthy abdominals is aided through the ability to breathe correctly, using the abdominal muscles & diaphragm.

Did you know stress can add to abdominal fat around the organs with the release of stress hormones (cortisol).

Age naturally deposits fat on the abdomen & for women this can help for oestrogen stores.

But we know too much fat in this area increases heart disease & diabetes risks.

So everything is about balance.

1. Swaying Palm tree:  10-20rounds                                             1. Waist rotating pose: 20-40 rounds


3. Extended triangle: Hold 5-10 rounds of breath.              4.  Churning the mill: 10 rounds both directions


5. Leg Lifts: Can use single legs. Bend kness when you feel lower back lifting. Gradually increase rounds start with 5.

6. sleeping abdominal dynamic: 5-10rounds                                  7.  Cobra:  5 rounds



8. Bow: 3 rounds                                                                                            9.  Half – moon (Sasankasana) 5-10 rounds




10.  Must DO!  

Shavasana  10-15mins

Abdominal breath 10-15rounds. Create equal ratio Or …lie over your bolsters and relax.



Jane Yogavidya


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