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Welcome to Travel Yoga,

After attending my first yoga class back in 1989 , Yoga offered me a new way of viewing life. It offered me a new path that changed my life. Since then, I have travelled in search of yoga in many different places. I have found wonderful teachers and practiced all different styles of yoga in some amazing destinations.

After many years and going in different directions, I saw a need for a place where the wider yoga community could be inspired to find the perfect destination. One  that could end up being that once in a life time experience.
The new global movement towards, yoga, spirituality and wellness however, is ever increasing therefore so are the destinations and properties that offer them.  To keep ahead of this is not easy. So, I do not state that Travel Yoga website is a complete directory of every property but my mission is to provide you with as many eye opening and inspiring places for you to plan to travel to. I offer quality not quantity. For you to make that once in a lifetime wellness trip, that once in a lifetime holiday that transforms your life.
Thats what I would like to offer you here.

You may want to expand your practice, breakaway from everyday limmitations, open up new worlds or just to take time our and have the best yoga and wellness holiday ever!

A yoga destination offers the chance to be empowered and enlightened, discover a new you, develop your practice.
It can be life changing. In many ways, combining yoga and a holiday are an ideal mix.  Yoga relaxes you and the holiday experience answers that irritating ‘must do something’ feeling that often pops up when you’re away.
Now going on a holiday doesn’t mean leaving your mat behind, or when you check into the next hotel on your business
trip ask for a yoga mat! More and more hotels are offering yoga as part of their gym or spa experience.
We hope that you find inspiration, new friendships and enjoy new experiences in these exciting destinations
offered by Travel Yoga.
I look forward to helping you.


Charne Murphy


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