Nihiwatu hilltop yoga shala

Posted on   December 13th, 2014 by  admin

Nihiwatu is thrilled to introduce our brand new yoga shala on the “Bukit” (hilltop).  Hosting unbelievable sweeping views of the distant horizon, spanning blue Indian ocean, the amazing Nihiwatu coastline and a rich green countryside of West Sumba.  Raise your yoga practice to new heights by relishing in this beautiful space,  lifting you up,  closer to the universe above for joy shared with a deep sense of freedom as you would expect when feeling on top of the world.  Practicing in this vast open space with leave you clear, connected, contented and ready for the adventures of the day ahead.


For the early riser morning classes are held after sunrise before breakfast is underway, perfect for observing the misty waves wash against the shore and the sunshine light up the day full of opportunities… with gratitude.  Afternoon classes are scheduled to set the scene with a spectacular sunset over the Indian ocean, Surya Namaskara, salute to the sun as the sky above changes from blue to orange, pink and crimson and the ocean settles in with the divine color of night time.


Our new yoga deck has been designed for yoga classes, fitted out with natural and eco friendly materials, fans for cooling, bamboo roofing to protect you from the elements, a fire pit, bathrooms, and most importantly a sensational, breathtaking view.  In the new year we will be offering two scheduled classes a day “at the bukit” with a mix of meditation, asana and pilates. Private lessons will be available to perfect your posture and connect with your own style encouraging a deeper personal practice.


Look forward to sharing this amazing view with you in 2015.


Namaste xx

Chelsea Graham, Wellbeing Manager

Nihiwatu Luxury Retreat






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