Holidays, Yoga and Relationships

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Holidays. Yoga and Relationships

When I was nine years old I attended my first yoga class.  Mother, having practiced yoga all her life,  insisted.

Then by the time I was fourteen I had fallen in love with surfing. That was the ingredient intrinsically sealed into my life. I am now 64 white haired and still pouring myself into a bikini and onto a wave.  I practice what I preach.

Having my own yoga school now, is just a plus, not only for me but anyone that wishes to venture into the morning class.

In the past yoga was not terribly popular and only popped into the societal of the community as a very strange thing to do, almost like a cult or secret society. Times have changed indeed.  Now its almost mainstream.  Health care givers advocate yoga as the best therapy for anxiety related illnesses.

After travelling the world in the early 70’s from Africa, Hawaii, USA, Bali , Australia and New Zealand I have watched isolated tropical paradises turn into tourist traps. War parties in the water were common where the alpha male exerts his will over the less adventurous and dominates the peak of the wave so no one gets a look in.

I watched girlfriends and wives struggle in the hot sweltering sun waiting for eternity for their bronzed honey to venture back onto terra firma, arr yes those were the days.

I don’t mean to demonise the male ego but I still see the beaches full of surf widows and or widows to be.

To sanctify a relationship into orbs of fun, yoga can pull the whole holiday picture into perspective and if the ladies have found a good yoga class then they are fulfilling their dream holiday too. As my husband says “happy wife happy life’.

Yoga is the most unselfish art we can practice each day.

All you need is a very small space and some fresh air. No one is better than the other. Everyone feels good at the end of a great class whether you’re eight or eighty.

I could expand on the wonderful benefits of yoga and surfing but its almost a cliche now.  To combine these two art forms into your life and hopefully your children’s, by going on a surf yoga holiday, then this would be a blessing.

Most of us want peace and happiness as a daily occurrence. Yoga will help you attract these elements into your life.

Jacky cramer

Sawtell Yoga for Health

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