Awareness is the key

Posted on   September 19th, 2012 by  Travel Yoga

The hectic pace of today’s society can create lots of stress in our lives and, with sustained stress (even low grade) our nervous system can become challenged.

The ability to STOP (engaging the parasympathetic nervous system) and come out of GO (sympathetic nervous system) can become a problem. Ever hear….”I just can’t relax – I don’t seem to be able to switch off.” Unfortunately that has become the truth for a lot of us.

Yoga as a regular practice can supply a solution.

Through the practices and techniques of asanas, pranayama and meditation (even in small sessions) our bodies respond like ‘water to a desert wanderer’.  Our ability to let go of built up stress and tension becomes easier as our sense of self and our awareness develops.  Awareness is the key to slowing down and reversing negative patterns.

Within a yoga class, particularly one taught in the Satyananda style , the individual comes out of the busy ‘thinking’ state and becomes more present in each moment.  So we move into the human – being rather than living in the human doing way of operating.  How?

One way is within a yoga class by directing the attention to the inhalation and exhalation, in a relaxed way endeavouring to be present within each moment and within each breath.  Also the counting of rounds focuses our mental attention and we begin to breathe more consciously, thus soothing the nervous system, releasing tension and stress.

Our self-awareness grows as we become regular yoga students and we learn to be more in the present moment – trying to live moment by moment.   Easier said than done but with intention, the ability does develop.

With a yogic way of life we can aim to let the past be, stop worrying about the future and live more fully and joyously in the NOW.  It is exciting to watch and learn how we habitually operate and to observe our lives opening up as we practice these techniques.

We can take time out from the business of being busy, recognizing that ‘cabin fever syndrome’ of modern living and kicking back either on holidays or personal retreat time.

A yoga based holiday or a holiday which includes yoga classes is an ideal way of slowing down, reconnecting with the inner spark and refreshing on all levels.

by Adwaitamurti

(Barbara Walsh-Keiller)

Satyananda Yoga  teacher from the New South Wales south coast.


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