Yoga & Mud Baths in Fiji

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A muddy lotus: Fiji mudbaths for the ultimate cleanse


Adriana Cortazzo’s recent yoga retreat in Fiji promised it would be “Expansive. Nurturing. Surprising.” One of the surprises was glorious mudbath .

Fiji has many hot thermal streams and pools, some rising as hot bubbling streams and others coming up beneath the earth and creating natural mud pools. During the week, the group luxuriated in an afternoon at one of these nearby pools.  It was utterly simple – no special seats, no showers- just the river to wash off in. And the setting was fabulous – massive bamboos, cascading vines, huge rain trees and the peace of rural Fiji.

The mud is full of slightly rough organic matter so it’s an ideal exfoliant, and as you dig your toes down deeper into the pool you feel the heat increase. The Fijians claim it has all sorts of health giving properties, soothing aching joints and delivering a feel of tranquility and relaxation – and certainly everyone felt pretty good afterwards.  – not least because everyone laughed so much and,  as everyone knows, laughter itself is a great healer.

Adriana returns to Fiji next October (Oct 31 – Nov 7) and the mudpool is a very firm part of the schedule.

Book now and dont miss out on this experience

Delia Rothnie-Jones/Yoga In Fiji


Christmas Santosa at Nihiwatu

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This festive season heralds the end of another brilliant year and 2015 is clearly in our sights and will be here faster than a bow down for Namaste. I am embracing reflections upon this significant year (30th for me) that is almost behind us, wanting to make the most of every special moment until the end.  Santosa, meaning contentment and Sankalpa, intention are two sanskrit words that come to rise as a practice close to my heart for these special last few days of what has been an amazing year.  I have been blessed with adventure, travel, heartache, love, challenges and unforgettable memories.  Challenges come with personal growth and the evolution of a greater awareness has lead me to a deeper awakening and true understanding of this beautiful Niyama, Santosa.

Flashing lights and shiny wrapping paper can easily distract us from the true meaning of Christmas and what a new year brings for each of us.  Christmas festivities and the amazing Nihiwatu celebrations are underway and our, suitably, bamboo trees are adorned with Christmas cheer. The magical glow as the sun sets over the idyllic Indian Ocean backdrop. Sumba Island where a majority (approx 90%) of the local Sumbanese community are Christian combined with the ancestral religion Marapu, is recognised as one of the poorest island communities of Indonesia.  But, I am compelled to ask myself, poor by who’s standards? I have been blessed to meet a number of Sumbanese locals in the surrounding villages where traditional bamboo Merapu Kampung are the epitome of family congregation.  The deep worn lines of wisdom and radiance of their greeting smile as they look into my eyes with their open soul gives me a treasured glimpse of the shining light of Santosa from a place deep within. That is a richness beyond what most could ever imagine.

As I ponder how to best share the deep effect of my time here in Sumba working and living with the beautiful souls of the land, Sankalpa for my year ahead causes me to question my previous New Years resolutions.  Read more books, loose 10kg, save more money are indicative of past goals set with the aim of moulding myself to the idea of a better person. In my research before arriving at Nihiwatu the descriptors of “extreme poverty” and “ poor” were used to describe Sumba and Christmas is a time that reminds us that for many people gifts, travel and lavish meals are a luxury.  It is within this framework that my new year intentions begin to form.

Life in the jungle has left me with lots of time for questioning and the shining energy from the Sumba souls living everyday in contentment with what little they have has given me the greatest lesson and most valuable Christmas gift of all.  A history, customs, beliefs, spirituality and culture deeper and richer than I could have ever imagined has helped crack open any darkness left within me, shedding the light needed to help me finally see clearly what is rich, and what the gift of giving means.  I am contented. May 2015 be filled with health, joy, faith, laughter, inspiration, excitement, bliss, dreams, harmony, friendship, happiness, adventure, hope, balance, freedom, peace and love.


Chelsea Graham

Resident Yoga Teacher & Wellbeing Manager

Nihiwatu Luxury Retreat


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Green Goddess Morning Juice

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Green Goddess  Juice

Serves: 1 Awakened Goddess


1 inch ginger root

1 large head organic spinach or Kale

handful of parsley

3 small organic pears or apples

1/2 lemon (no rind)

1 cucumber

Wash all of the ingredients.

Chop chop chop…and put in your juicer in the order on the recipe.


This morning juice is jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and even protein.

When drunk slowly this juice is pleasantly filling, and it’s guilt-free as there is nothing else in it but goodness!

Compliments from Bali Goddess Retreats

Nihiwatu hilltop yoga shala

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Nihiwatu is thrilled to introduce our brand new yoga shala on the “Bukit” (hilltop).  Hosting unbelievable sweeping views of the distant horizon, spanning blue Indian ocean, the amazing Nihiwatu coastline and a rich green countryside of West Sumba.  Raise your yoga practice to new heights by relishing in this beautiful space,  lifting you up,  closer to the universe above for joy shared with a deep sense of freedom as you would expect when feeling on top of the world.  Practicing in this vast open space with leave you clear, connected, contented and ready for the adventures of the day ahead.


For the early riser morning classes are held after sunrise before breakfast is underway, perfect for observing the misty waves wash against the shore and the sunshine light up the day full of opportunities… with gratitude.  Afternoon classes are scheduled to set the scene with a spectacular sunset over the Indian ocean, Surya Namaskara, salute to the sun as the sky above changes from blue to orange, pink and crimson and the ocean settles in with the divine color of night time.


Our new yoga deck has been designed for yoga classes, fitted out with natural and eco friendly materials, fans for cooling, bamboo roofing to protect you from the elements, a fire pit, bathrooms, and most importantly a sensational, breathtaking view.  In the new year we will be offering two scheduled classes a day “at the bukit” with a mix of meditation, asana and pilates. Private lessons will be available to perfect your posture and connect with your own style encouraging a deeper personal practice.


Look forward to sharing this amazing view with you in 2015.


Namaste xx

Chelsea Graham, Wellbeing Manager

Nihiwatu Luxury Retreat






Yoga in Fiji Jan 4 -11

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Restore yourself for the New Year 2015

Jan 4 – 11    

With Clare White in Fiji

New Year’s resolutions are so plentiful – and so frail! After all the hype and activity of Christmas and the New Year, we take a deep breath, re-assess life, and promise ourselves new directions. That lasts until at least January 15 and then – heigh ho, we slide backwards…..

Clare White is running a New Year’s retreat in Fiji which she plans to help her students establish realistic and achievable intentions for the future. She shows how a focused, conscious practice can help to create change in all areas of life, focusing on past, present and future:

-  letting go of the past

- becoming more aware in the present

- setting goals for the future

Clare first started practicing yoga  to help her cope with a stressful career and hectic lifestyle. She attributes the strength to make huge changes in her life to her yoga practice : she left the glamorous world of advertising to become a Complementary Health Therapist and Foot Health Practitioner, and subsequently a Yoga Instructor.

She has persuaded her partner Earl to come with her and add his experience to the course content. Earl has focused on meditation practice for many years. Meditation helps to keep us in the present, and provides  a perfect accompaniment to the ideals of this yoga retreat.

The daily program is structured around creative, flowing asana sequences, sun salutations, and invigorating pranayama (breathing) practices in the morning, a mediatation practice every other day before lunch, and gentle, individually-tailored session to restore your body in the  afternoons, ending with a yoga nidra session.

The week’s schedule includes local excursions to see some of the delights of Fiji, and a free half hour massage.  

What better way to start 2015?


Cost of course: A$1650 per person twin share; A$2000 for a single room.
Make an enquiry   now for availability as places are limited

Accommodation is at Daku Resort in Savusavu on Fiji’s northern island of Vanua Levu – a 50-minute plane trip from Nadi. We stay in traditional bure-style cottages with beautiful views out over Savusavu Bay.

Contributor: Delia Rothnie-Jones/ Daku Resort

     Clare White