Reignite your digestive health

Posted on   June 29th, 2012 by  Travel Yoga

How is your Winter fire…Alight and sparking?   Reignite your digestive health with these practices.

Healthy abdominal facts:

It’s very important we have strong abdominals but not hard ones.(Like a six pack). As this prevents correct breathing.

The key to healthy abdominals is aided through the ability to breathe correctly, using the abdominal muscles & diaphragm.

Did you know stress can add to abdominal fat around the organs with the release of stress hormones (cortisol).

Age naturally deposits fat on the abdomen & for women this can help for oestrogen stores.

But we know too much fat in this area increases heart disease & diabetes risks.

So everything is about balance.

1. Swaying Palm tree:  10-20rounds                                             1. Waist rotating pose: 20-40 rounds


3. Extended triangle: Hold 5-10 rounds of breath.              4.  Churning the mill: 10 rounds both directions


5. Leg Lifts: Can use single legs. Bend kness when you feel lower back lifting. Gradually increase rounds start with 5.

6. sleeping abdominal dynamic: 5-10rounds                                  7.  Cobra:  5 rounds



8. Bow: 3 rounds                                                                                            9.  Half – moon (Sasankasana) 5-10 rounds




10.  Must DO!  

Shavasana  10-15mins

Abdominal breath 10-15rounds. Create equal ratio Or …lie over your bolsters and relax.



Jane Yogavidya


Stillness in our daily lives

Posted on   June 29th, 2012 by  Travel Yoga


Stillness is an endangered species in many of our lives..the world is faster…more distracted.
Do you feel disconnected…losing yourself…ungrounded…impulsive…reactive…irritable…unhappy.
With no stillness…our deeper wisdom struggles to unfold…our creative seed is cut off….our joy is stifled.
Wisdom is a deeper understanding…insight on viewing the big picture…moderating the senses and our desires, an ability to apply right action and develop discernment of emotions and reactions.

Having stillness in our daily lives is the key to unlocking the stress & struggles of daily life.
It’s a choice we have to make.
Yoga brings this wonderful practice into our lives.
For many of us stillness may only come to our awareness at a weekly Yoga class or annual Yoga/ Meditation retreat.
You already know. How wonderful you feel after lying in shavasana for just a few minutes following the breath.
Start by turning off the phone and computer, limit time on these devices, have a sabbatical every week..
I employ you to be still with yourself for just 15 minutes every day, lie in shavasana and breathe consciously notice the difference to the mind & body.
Allow the wisdom of your body to speak intuitively…your mind to sift out what is not needed and flow insight and awareness through.
With stillness in our lives…wisdom will flow…peace will permeate…joy will resonate.

Jane Yogavidya

Yoga and Surf Holidays

Posted on   June 23rd, 2012 by  Travel Yoga

When my partner asked me to go to a surf resort for our holiday, I wondered  “what  would I do?”.. whilst he happily went surfing for mostly all of the daylight hours.

The idea of sitting on the beach or beside the pool all day catching up on my reading sounded enticing, but at the time I really wanted to go to a yoga retreat.

After  hours of web searching, we found a yoga and surf retreat that seemed perfect for both of us. It offered some of the best -non crowded waves-  a spa and yoga!…then I was interested. Why hadn’t we found something like this before?

I packed my mat, he packed his boards and together we found balance and I found a new way of keeping up my yoga practice and have a holiday. It opened up a whole new world to me and it became a holiday that we both enjoyed.

I have been able to travel to many places around the globe via my work, my two year long backpacking journey and family trips to our favourite spots in Bali but this yoga and surf holiday inspired me to look deeper into this newly found holiday experience.

Whilst I was there, I watched woman being empowered and learned that the surf was not only for men. Sure the big waves gave us ‘girls’ a chance to sit back and enjoy the show and watch our men strutt their stuff, but I then saw woman equally enjoying their own chance to get out onto a board. What was even better was I saw yoga not only being embraced by women, it seemed that in a mini-world of a yoga and surf resort the men were giving yoga a try as well.

The daily yoga class offered at the resort, at first was only participated by the woman but as the holiday went on I was enlightened to see the male partners join in after they were seeing yoga as a benefit to their surfing fitness and mental strength. Slowly the class became a shared experience for the couples and I saw how a yoga and surf retreat can be one of the best holidays to take for couples or families.

Now,as woman are becoming more and more empowered to learn to surf, there are  lots of woman only surf and yoga retreats popping up all over the world and I cant wait to join them.

Taking your yoga mat to a beach holiday is easy… just slip it into the board cover!